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Kimpets Cat Comb Dog Hair Remover Brush

Kimpets Cat Comb Dog Hair Remover Brush

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The Kimmpets pet care comb is a great tool for pet grooming, as it easily deals with loose hair, dirt, and tangles on furry pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits. This comb can also massage your pet's fur and promote blood circulation, which is especially beneficial for pets with long and easily tangled hair.


The Kimmpets pet care comb is designed with safe and comfortable bristles that are slightly curved to go deep under your pet's fur for effective cleaning. The massage particles are gentle and won't scratch your pet's skin, ensuring a fun and pleasant grooming experience for your furry friend.


The Kimmpets pet care comb features a self-cleaning needle comb that removes any remaining hair on the brush after grooming. To activate the self-cleaning function, simply press the cleaning button. This smooth and innovative design ensures that cleaning takes only around 5 seconds, saving you time and energy during your pet's grooming sessions.


The Pet Massage Brush from Kimmpets is a must-have for pet grooming. This brush provides a gentle massage for your pet, promoting blood circulation and preventing skin diseases. The brush also makes your pet's coat soft and shiny, leaving your furry friend feeling happy and relaxed. Pet owners, vets, and professional beauticians highly recommend this brush, and your pet will love being brushed with it.


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