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Atlantic Mega Kit Package
Price: $139.99
Sensational Mega Kit Package offers you the ideal way to have everything you need at your fingertips and more with the power to save big on a deal like this.
Atlantic Fathom Sub-Ohm Kit
Price: $99.99
Blo Hooge Clouds
Buy Any 10 Refill Packs - GET 3 FREE!!! (BONUS BATTERY & USB CHARGER!)
Price: $199.90
Conveniance Pack with Free USB charger & Battery

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes were developed years ago to mimic the act of smoking without using a traditional cigarette. The user gets to enjoy the great flavors, smoke or vape as usual, and choose the level of nicotine that best fits his or her needs. Essentially the Electronic Cigarette looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, and acts like a cigarette but it is not a cigarette; in effect eliminating thousands of nasty ingredients that are contained in a traditional cigarette.

Quick Facts

Why Choose Us?

Atlantic Cigs was started collectively by smokers and for smokers to create a line of products which give the user a fresh new alternative to traditional tobacco, providing true freedom of choice. We call this "Experience Extraordinaire"!


Atlantic chooses to use the latest technology available in the design of our products. This includes dependable lithium ion batteries that are tested for high quality and deemed "Grade A", sophisticated top-quality electronics designed to outperform, and the most durable of miniature coils to create the full-volume vapor a smoker desires. Atlantic also looks to the future by developing emerging technologies, components and materials, all of which guarantee that Atlantic products are and will remain the superior choice.


A key aspect of the electronic cigarette experience is flavor. Atlantic did the research and testing for you in finding the best flavors available to provide the satisfaction you desire. These flavors are produced in certified laboratory environments where precision and quality control are paramount, allowing you to get the pleasure and peace of mind you deserve while enjoying the taste.


Atlantic offers the best of both worlds: Cig-a-like electronic cigarettes and Mods. Convenient and easy to use products are what we created for you. Our new Atlantic Nautilus Mod is a pleasure to use. No buttons or complication. Sleek looking and ready to go right out of the box with any complexity left inside where it should be. The Atlantic Nautilus can now be enjoyed with our new line of 35 bursting flavors. The Cig-a-like Atlantic Rechargeables are offered as a cost-effective solution for the longer term. Recharge your batteries overnight and use them over and over again, knowing that the only product you’ll ever need to buy again would be the Atlantic Refills.

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